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DNR Wraps Up Lake Trout Research

Lake Superior is the most heavily fished of the Great Lakes, which makes the DNR’s surveys of lake trout populations all the more important. The research helps the DNR when it comes to establishing regulations for anglers large and small. Part of the DNR’s research involves tagging some of the fish to study survival and immigration patterns. The other major factor in lake trout mortality is fishing, which is where the safe harvest quotas come in to play. Another study that aids the DNR in determining survival and mortality is diet. While the fish are cataloged on route back to the harbor, the researchers extract an important structure from near the fish’s inner ear to work on back at the labs. The Lake Char was delayed in getting started due to this year’s prolonged ice cover on Lake Superior, but now that it’s back in home port, the crew can begin assessing this year’s catch.

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