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Federal, State Tax Returns Due Today

Today is the final day to file federal and state income tax returns for 2021. The usual April 15th deadline was extended because of the District of Columbia’s official Emancipation Day holiday, which was celebrated Friday. 

If you’ve waited until the last minute, officials say electronic filing is the most reliable way to beat the deadline. Most taxpayers with simple returns qualify for free or low-cost online preparation through several providers.

If you’re mailing in your returns, they must be at your post office in time to be postmarked today. Check with your post office to find out when that is – it could be earlier than their lobby closing time. Make sure you use the correct address, and remember to sign and date your returns. Failure on either of those points could cause your returns either not to be received, or to be rejected and sent back to you. Late filing penalties would then apply.

If you can’t complete your returns on time, you are allowed to file for an extension. Both the state and federal governments will give you an extra six months to complete the paperwork. However, the extension requests must be submitted today. You are also required to estimate what your result will be, and send in payment if you will owe money.

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