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Finlandia Honors the 2022 Graduating Class

Its nearing the end of the year for Finlandia’s college students. And with it comes celebrations for students who showed academic success and sisu. Last Friday Finlandia University awarded scholarships and honors to graduating students. Finlandia faculty were proud to present various awards to this year’s graduating class, none more special than the university’s own sisu award.

Sisu is what Finlandia students are all about. Sisu, is a Finnish word that roughly translates to mean personal fortitude. And college students certainly need that. The Sisu Award is given to graduating students who show courage, fortitude, and perseverance in overcoming hardship to achieve academic and personal success. This year we are proud to announce five recipients of the Sisu Award. – Kevin Manninen, Dean for the Intentional School of Business

Finlandia’s academic honors show the pride this small school has in their students. And the school hopes to only see them succeed following graduation. The school year is closing in fast for college students. And the final papers and tests will be taken in few weeks time. Congratulations to each of this year’s graduates, for putting their best effort into not just school, but the community around them. Good luck in your endeavors going forward. 

Virginia Fund Scholarship; Mikayla Brown

Philip & Loret Ruppe Community Service Award; Paulyne Catacutan, Austin Keranen

The David Lauren Jokela Endowed Memorial Scholarship; Cassidy Becia, Sarah Kuiper, Cassana Ryynanen, Nada Wakeham

Samuel L. Westerman Scholarship for Nursing; Allison Cooper, Jari Juntti

Kenneth & Lois Seaton Scholarship; Sarah Kuiper, Annie Miller

Sisu Award; Jillian Foster, Jeremy Huuki, Artsiom “Arty” Puntus, River Shumate, McEwen Stapleton

Sampo Society Membership; John Brundage, Victoria Nagy, Dylan Paavola, Briana Portice, Artsiom Puntus, Anders Saarela, Tyler Watungwa

Student Representative Speaking at Graduation; Artsiom “Arty” Puntus

Cum Laude (3.5 – 3.699)

Dariya Goin, Dylan Harden, Noah Raisanen, Taylor Saari, Michael Stuber, Frankie Stukel, Taylor Talerico, Jackson Deaugustine, Tam Dinh, Gabrielle Voisin

Magna Cum Laude (3.70 – 3.899)

Addie Budzinski, Jeri Freeman, Harlee Froberg, Malone Hiebert, Courtney Mayo, Jamie MacFarlane, Casey Mleko, Victoria Nagy, Anders Saarela, McEwen Stapleton, Erika Tollefson, Haley Wright, Kyle Berryman

Summa Cum Laude (3.90 – 4.0)

Mialy Brooks, John Brundage, David Carlson, Kevin Danks, Dillion Farmer, Bailey Froberg, Katherine Loman, Kristi Muonio, Dylan Paavola,  Katelyn Plesiewicz, Briana Portice, Artsiom Puntus, Tyler Watungwa

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