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Get Ready to Learn about Busy Bees at the MTU Sustainability House Next Week

Over the last year the Michigan Tech Sustainability Demonstration House housed many busy bees, and we’re not just talking about students. Last summer, students applied for a grant with MTU’s alumni board, to add a honey bee hive as a part of the SDH.  In order for students to continue studies and demonstrations of at home sustainability techniques, help communities understand what benefits there are to a sustainable lifestyle. PhD student and beekeeping course leader, Rose Daily, says that she’s learned far more about the bees than she ever expected.

So, first you need to calm people down about the fears. So I know when I was a kid and I would see a bee, like a bumble bee, i was like, oh my gosh it’s going to sting me! But bumble bees don’t sting, they don’t have stingers. So a lot of people have some misconceptions. So it was a lot of me doing a lot of research. And showing Tech that, you know, honey bees are really gentle. Honey bees fly above the tree line, so they’re not gonna be zooming through campus, weaving between students, and stinging people. That’s not what they’re going to do. So I really just did my research and really calmed Tech’s fears. – Rose Daily, Environmental Engineering PhD. Student

Since learning more about bees, and beekeeping, Daily says, that hives within urban and rural areas have numerous benefits to more than your flower garden. But benefit many other plants throughout the community. With all of her research, she also found that there are thousands of native bee species in North America, and all have different benefits and functions when it comes to pollinating plants.

We, more so, are on the side of trying to create a safe habitat for bees, and pollinators in the area. So not only did we want to install a honeybee hive, but we wanted to set up an insect hotel, for solitary bees. Cause the real issue right now, especially in California, where they really big crops, they need those honey bees to pollinate the food we eat. what they don’t know, or aren’t paying attention too, is some plant actually need certain types of bees to pollinate. – Rose Daily

Bees are very important to the fruit and veggies we all eat. The students hope to show the public why bees are safe and friendly, and are more beneficial to your backyard than one may think. Next week the Sustainability Demonstration House will hold classes for those interested in beekeeping. And even those just curious about what they are up to at the SDH, as a part of their mission.

Event flyer and class sign up can be found with this link.

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