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Graymont Wants Limestone Mine

Graymont Incorporated has submitted a revised proposal to the Department of Natural Resources to build a limestone mine on state land in the eastern Upper Peninsula. The proposal does not change the amount of land being requested, that’s still roughly 10-thousand acres near the Mackinac County town of Rexton, but it nearly doubles the amount of royalties the company is willing to pay for the limestone. Graymont is now offering 30 cents for each ton of extracted limestone‚Ķup from the earlier offer of 18-point-75 cents per ton. The money would go into the State Parks Endowment Fund. DNR Director Keith Creagh was going to make a decision on the mine at Thursday’s Natural Resources Commission meeting. That decision is now being delayed to the March 19th meeting to give DNR staff and the public more time to review and comment on the proposal.

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