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Houghton County In Local State of Emergency Due to Flooding

The Houghton and Keweenaw Counties Office of Emergency Measures declared Houghton county in a local state of emergency due to the flooding in areas between Lake Linden and Dollar Bay.

Widespread damage started on Tuesday. This happened due to the temperatures reaching as high as 70 for multiple days in a row. The rapid snowmelt as a result means fast moving melt waters.

Abandoned railroad grades that were acting as earthen dams have burst,  which also lead to significant erosion.

Those waters have overwhelmed storm water systems, causing road washouts and closures due to debris deposited on roadways. There was just over a foot of silt in some places. Local crews are continuing to remove the debris and redirect the water.

This emergency declaration is effective for 7 days unless it is renewed. It is also the first step in the process of requesting the state for assistance.

The damage inventory cannot be accurately completed until the water recedes, but the initial damage inventory so far it has reached at least $150,000. 

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