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Keweenaw Prosecutor Law License Suspended

Michigan Supreme Court SealHoughton County Prosecutor Michael Makinen will oversee court cases in Keweenaw County for the next six months, following the suspension of Keweenaw County Prosecuting Attorney Donna Jaaskalainen’s law license. The Michigan Attorney Discipline Board recently found that Jaaskalainen neglected cases in her private practice, including missing critical legal filing deadlines, and failure to keep her clients informed. She also failed to respond to the complaints filed about her with the Discipline Board, which is a division of the Michigan Supreme Court. Jaaskalainen has been ordered not to practice law for 179 days, and to pay $2,000 in restitution to former clients. The Discipline Board Grievance Administrator doesn’t think that’s severe enough… and is appealing the decision, seeking stricter punishment. No date for the appeal hearing has been set. Calls we’ve made to Jaaskalainen’s office for comment have not been returned. See the Discipline Board’s order here.


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