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KREC Brings Forward Plan for Biomass Plant

The Keweenaw Renewable Energy Coalition is one step closer to helping bring a solution to the energy crisis in the Copper Country. Last night, during a biomass working session, experts in the logging and timber industries gathered to discuss the future of a possible 11 megawatt biomass electric plant. The KREC has decided that the best fit for a potential site would be the Northern Hardwoods site near Atlantic Mine due to the availability of the mill bark and sawdust, proximity to the substation and main transmission line over the bridge to Hancock and ownership of lands that can expand inventory for fuel and perhaps host wind & solar assets as well. KREC Treasurer Sam Lockwood says at end of the day, it’s up to the community to make the decision on whethere they want this to happen.

The next step for the KREC is to bring together the biomass experts, solar developers, and wind developers from Houghton & Keweenaw Counties well before the March 1st deadline set for the Presque Isle Power Plant re-allocation cost decisions. The generation experts will discuss nuts & bolts with the area’s two utilities for implementation of the new assets with KREC’s involvement. That meeting should take place by mid-February.

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