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Last Days Of The SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge

One last opportunity remains to see the sleds of the 2015 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge in action.

The Keweenaw Research Center will be open to the public tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.

The teams will be competing in the Polaris Acceleration and the Objective Handling events followed by the ZE Acceleration and Load test.

It’s been a memorable week with multiple records set.  All the teams were able to make it to the event–including the first-ever team from outside North America, the Finnish team from Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

All eleven teams completed the Endurance Run up to Copper Harbor—first time that has ever happened, topping last year’s record of nine.  Often, half of the teams don’t make it.

After the final events tomorrow, the judges will tally up the scores and the winners will be announced at an awards banquet in the Memorial Union Ballroom in the evening.

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