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Lawmakers Vacate Capitol with Budget Unresolved

Michigan lawmakers will head to deer camp, leaving the victims of their budget manipulations to wait until probably at least December for relief.

The State House scrapped a session scheduled for today that could have afforded a last-minute vote to resolve the budget crisis.

The impasse began six weeks ago, when the Republican-led legislature sent a bill dominated by its spending priorities to Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

She responded by vetoing nearly a billion dollars in appropriations, and using the state Administrative Board to reassign more than a half-billion more.

Cuts included money for rural hospitals, small school districts, sheriff’s patrols, and cash paid to local governments in lieu of property taxes for state-owned land.

The legislature’s traditional late fall break coincides with the firearm deer season.

Lawmakers could be called back into session if behind-the-scenes negotiations produce a deal, but even Governor Whitmer admitted today that’s unlikely.

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