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League of Women Voters Inviting the Public to Learn about Voting Rights

League of Women Voters’ chapters across the state are talking about voting rights for Michigan citizens. Next Thursday, November 11th, Richelle Winkler from MTU’s college of science and arts will lead a conversation in the copper country. LWV Copper Country chapter President Barry Fink said Winkler will talk about the turnout of the 2020 election and bills introduced as a result.

She will use a PowerPoint that’s been prepared. and shell go over what the voting rights currently are. and then she has some information that is quite interesting about turnout in the 2020 election. How people took advantage of the new opportunities made available by the prop 3 changes. And shell be going through some of that information. – Barry Fink

Fink pointed to a number of bills introduced recently that restrict county clerks’ ability to do their jobs efficiently. To the league of women voters, the state election process is already secure. The League said much of the proposed voting legislation would make it harder in the future for voters to get to the polls and clerks to count those votes.

Well what i have to preface this with is, there has been over 200 bills introduced to make changes to Michigan’s election laws. And I cant possibly tell you what all they all have to say. There is a ballot proposal now that’s circulating, there’s some provisions in it that are unnecessary, we think, because of what is already available to voters. So now there are some proposals coming through that are unnecessary, and could really gum up the works. – Barry Fink

Winkler will be joined by Panelist Ann Vollrath at the Portage Lake District Library at 6:30 p.m.  There will also be a zoom link available for those that can’t make it in person.

Zoom information for the November 11th LWV Event hosted by the Portage Lake District Library;


Meeting ID: 850 9406 8508

Passcode: 193179

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