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Local Lawmakers Speak on SOS Speech

CASPERSONLocal lawmakers are sounding off in reaction to Governor Rick Snyder’s State of the State address. Republican Senator Tom Casperson says given that he is a part of most the legislations the governor spoke about, the speech was great especially with all of the statistics the governor cited.

Democratic Representative Scott Dianda says he’s glad there was discussion on the education front with the governor mentioning his $65 million investment in early childhood education.

A nearly one billion dollar surplus has the Michigan legislature divided on how to the state should use it. Last night, during his State of the State speech, Governor Rick Snyder talked about how there could be some sort of tax relief. Representative Dianda agrees with that statement, especially in regards to his efforts to repeal the pension tax bill.

Senator Casperson says the Rainy Day Fund should be one of the top priorities as well.

Also during last night’s State of the State address, Senator Casperson noticed that a program in the U.P. was getting recongnition by Governor Rick Snyder.

Snyder complimented Michgian Tech and North Michigan University on their collaboration with the smart zone. Representative Dianda says Snyder’s take on jobs was encouraging because it’s the best way to get the economy rolling again.

Snyder mentioned that over 221,000 private-sector jobs have been added in the past three years and the labor force experienced an increase for the first time since 2006.

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