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1 Million Cups Features Outdoor Recreation & Media

Keweenaw business people offered their input and expertise yesterday as two entrepreneurs presented their ideas and business plans at the monthly 1 Million Cups gathering.

This month’s meeting took place at the Portage Lake District Library, where outdoor recreation and media were the topics discussed.

When someone starts a new business, they usually encounter plenty of challenges along the way and programs like 1 Million Cups are designed to help entrepreneurs overcome those challenges by utilizing the resources of experienced professionals over coffee and conversation.

One Hancock business man that reached out for support was Brendan Jacques who has opened a paddle sport business on the Portage Canal.

Jacques said, “Portage Paddle Sports is a stand up paddle boarding and kayak rental business on Hancock Beach. Not only do we offer these services for rent, we also have Jilbert’s hand scooped ice cream so people can come to the beach and not only participate in recreation but enjoy some ice cream as well.”

As area beaches are reopening after the Father’s Day Flood, Brendan’s business endeavor is getting back into the swing of things.  “Last year, we launched in May and this year we are heading into our second season with some momentum,” he said.

At Wednesday’s meeting, he presented colleagues with some ideas that may soon include activities like paddle board races at events like Bridgefest. Along with his own ideas, he also heard some that could help his business grow.

Jacques said, “1 Million Cups really provided me with some more ideas on how to build awareness, which is something that we really need some help in doing right now. Anything like this really helps us get our name out there.”

Another featured speaker was Rebecca Glotfelty of Real People Media.  She said, “Real People Media is a nonprofit organization that helps people share their stories through the literary, visual, performing, and media arts. We also produce the Red Jacket Jamboree, the old time radio variety show, and we do that in conjunction with Main Street Calumet.”

She was also presented with some ideas that included podcasting.  “It was a really good experience because we met some new partners that I think we will be working with in the future as an organization,” Glotfelty said.

Next month’s meeting will feature two more entrepreneurial speakers. That event is scheduled for the second Wednesday in August.

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