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2019 Houghton County Fair Awards

2019 Houghton County Fair Exhibitor Awards

Exhibitor of the Year: Pamela Hecht

Silver Plates

  • Needlework: Lori Carne
  • Culinary: Cathy Isaacson
  • Folk Arts & Fine Arts: Pamela Hecht
  • Floriculture: Jenny Dice
  • Horticulture: Bill Isaacson

Best of Show

  • Sewing: Jenny Dice
  • Crochet: Cathy Isaacson
  • Knitting: Kathleen Funkey
  • Quilting: Billie Bloomfield
  • Stitchery: Teresa Palosaari
  • Food Preparation: Alaina Bach
  • Food Preservation: Joan Dostaler
  • Fine Arts: Pamela Hecht
  • Folk Arts: Beverly Spehar
  • Photography (8×10): Glenn Perrow
  • Photography (5×7): Sarah Verberkmoes
  • Antiques: Melanie Walls
  • Agriculture: Gary Palosaari
  • Flowers: Aili Narhi
  • Plants: Jenny Dice
  • Horticulture: Suzanne Kesti

King Arthur Flour Contest (Biscotti)

  1. Alaina Bach
  2. Kate Van Susante
  3. Marika Abbott

Red Star Yeast Contest

  1. Suzanne Kesti

Youth Still Exhibitors

Best of Show Ribbons:

  • Food Preparation, Jr.–Katie Manchester
  • Food Preparation, Sr.–Isabel Naasko
  • Fine Arts, Jr.–Wesley Narhi
  • Fine Arts, Sr.–Kolson Kytta
  • Natural Materials, Jr.–Acy Spelich
  • Beading/Jewelry, Jr.–Paige Lahti
  • Beading/Jewelry, Sr.–Marguerite Goldman
  • Mechanical/Educational, Sr.–Giselle Wiitanen
  • Paper/Holiday, Jr.–Lily Etelamaki
  • Paper/Holiday, Sr.–May Amelia Shapton
  • Fabric Art, Jr.–Acy Spelich
  • Hobbie, Sr.–Siona Beaudoin
  • Photography, Jr.–RJ Freeman
  • Photography, Sr.–Ally Etelamaki
  • Floriculture, Jr.–Acy Spelich
  • Horticulture, Jr.–Acy Spelich
  • Sciences, Jr.–Dane Torrey
  • Sciences, Sr.–Claudia Torrey
  • Natural Resources, Jr.–Wesley Narhi
  • Educational Projects, Jr.–Kaliyah Bach

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2019 Houghton County Fair Exhibitor Awards!

The Junior Livestock Auction was held for the first time on a Friday night with a net result of over $58,000 with 36 total head of livestock sold.

The Grand Champion Beef Steer, weighing 1,285 pounds, was raised by Alexis Strom and sold to Tadychs Econo Foods for $6 per pound, and reserve champion raised by Kaitlin Strom sold to Northland Lawn, Sport and Equipment and JP’s Fast Track for $6.75 per pound.

The Grand Champion Market Hog, raised by Kyla Strom, weighing 325 pounds, sold to Pat’s Foods of Hancock for $8.50 per pound. The reserve champion, raised by Ruby Zawada, sold to Northland Lawn, Sport and Equipment and JP’s Fast Track for $5.50 per pound.

The Grand Champion Market Lamb, weighing 130 pounds, was raised by Tessa Rautiola and sold to Pat’s Foods of Hancock for a record $13.00 per pound, and the reserve champion, raised by Madison Thomas, also sold for $13.00 per pound to McGann Building Supply.

Additional Livestock Exhibitors and Buyers included steers raised by Bailey Strom (Pat’s Foods of Hancock); Jewel Laux (Tadych’s Econo Foods); Kyle Mattila (DP Construction); Alia Palosaari (Strom Farm); Miranda Collins (Rick Koubek).

Market Hogs: Grace Laitila (Erickson Feed, Seed and Pet Supply); Connor Laitala (Pat’s Foods of Hancock); Majorie Miller (DP Construction); Orianna Olson (Peter Coltas); Lily Kerr (Wade Liston); Grady Olson (McGann Building Supply); Justin Mattila (Rick Koubek).

Market Lambs: Ruby Laux (Pat’s Foods of Hancock); Cassie Pietila (Superior National Bank); Savannah Kangas (Tadych’s Econo Foods); Stanley Kangas (Rainbow Packing); Kay Pietala (Nathan Manser); Lance Rautiola (Gierke Blueberry Farm); Neva McPharlan (Erickson Feed, Seed and Pet Supply); Eli McPharlan (Dan Seguin): Alex Pietila (Tadych’s Econo Foods); Jana Pietila (Traverse Engineering); Amelia Laux (Farm Bureau Insurance-Steve Baker Agency); Bria Koski (Tadych’s Econo Foods); Bethany McPharlan (Rainbow Packing); Jade Hupp (Auto Pro Glass and Tire); Lacie Moyrala (Superior National Bank); Jenae Koski (Alison Pontynen); Elizabeth Miller (Peter Coltas) and the resale lamb benefiting the Livestock Committee (Peter Coltas).  Thank you to all the Bidders and Buyers that attended the 2019 Junior Market Livestock Sale.

Award Winners

Open Rabbit

  • Grand Champion: Barb Jarvi
  • Fitting & Showing–Grand Champion: Lorelei Fryer
  • Youth Rabbit–Grand Champion: Lorelei Fryer

Open Poultry

  • Grand Champion: Tanya Hill
  • Fitting & Showing–Grand Champion: Lily Ross
  • Youth Poultry–Grand Champion: Jeptha Heldt

Livestock Skillathon


  • 1st Place Katie Mattila
  • 2nd Place Amanda Mattila
  • 3rd Place Judy Szyszkoski

Senior Youth:

  • 1st Place Justin Mattila
  • 2nd Place Kyle Mattila
  • 3rd Place Jewel Laux

Junior Youth:

  • 1st Place Bailey Strom
  • 2nd Place Ruby Zawada
  • 3rd Place Oriana Olson

There were 13 Adults, 12 Senior Youth, 14 Junior Youth who participated.  They demonstrated their knowledge in 9 different categories related to livestock and agriculture.  The Skillathon is both challenging and fun.

Open Show Dairy

  • Class 19 Winner: Karen Palosaari
  • Class 1 Youth Sr. Dairy Showmanship: Madisyn Holombo
  • Class 3 Jr. Dairy Showmanship: Kate Palosaari
  • Class 5 Grand Champion Dairy Showmanship: Madisyn Holombo
  • Class 13 Grand Champion Dairy Female: Madisyn Holombo
  • Class 14 Reserve Champion: Madisyn Holombo

Open Beef Heritage Breeds

  • Class 26 Grand Champion Beef Female: Steven Palosaari
  • Class 27 Reserve Champion Beef Female: Steven Palosaari
  • Showmanship–Adult Beef: Steve Palosaari

Youth Beef Show

  • Jr. Beef Showmanship Champion: Bailey Strom
  • Sr. Beef Showmanship Champion: Jewel Laux
  • Grand Champion Showmanship: Jewel Laux

Beef Market Steer

  • Grand Champion: Alexis Strom
  • Reserve Champion: Caitlyn Strom

Open Sheep Show

  • Grand Champion: Amanda Mattila
  • Reserve Grand Champion: Amanda Mattila
  • Adult Showmanship Champion: Amanda Mattila

Youth Sheep

  • Sr. Fitting & Showing: Amelia Laux
  • Jr. Fitting & Showing: Ruby A. Laux & Kay Pietila
  • Grand Champion-Fitting & Showing: Amelia Laux
  • Youth Grand Champion: Dawson Saari
  • Youth Reserve Champion: Lorelei Fryer

Market Lamb

  • Grand Champion: Tessa Rautiola
  • Reserve Champion: Madison Thomas

Youth Swine Show

  • Jr. Fitting & Showing: Kyla Strom
  • Sr. Fitting & Showing: Grace K. Laitala
  • Grand Champion Fitting & Showing: Kyla Strom

Market Swine

  • Grand Champion: Kyla Strom
  • Reserve Champion: Ruby Zawada

Dept. 80 Youth Talent Show

  • 1st Coralee Daugherty
  • 2nd Sara Neva
  • 3rd Jenna Sulisz
  • 4th Gracia Ann Perala
  • 5th Aubrie Dove
  • 6th Lela Wells

Tractor Pull Winners

  • 3,001-5,000lbs 1st Place: Alan Juntunen
  • 5,001-6,250lbs 1st Place: Clyde Peterson
  • 6,251-7,500 1st Place: Clyde Peterson
  • 7,501-9,500lbs 1st Place: Daniel Holley
  • 9,501-12,500lbs 1st Place: Ray Wirtanen
  • 12,501-18,000lbs 1st Place: Gary Palosaari

Off Road Derby Winners

  • Final Feature 1st Place: Lucas Walitalo
  • Final Feature 2nd Place: Kyle Kaster
  • Final Feature 3rd Place: William Hansley
  • Consolation 1-1st Place: Branden Harry
  • Consolation 2-1st Place: William Hansley
  • Mechanic Race 1st Place: Joe Kaster

Dept. 83 Antique Tractor Show

  • Class 1-Best Antique Tractor Winner: Minneapolis Moline
  • Class 2-People’s Choice Winner: Minneapolis Moline

Demolition Derby Winners

  • Heat 1–1st Place: Mark Jarvi
  • Heat 1–2nd Place: Joe Kaster
  • Heat 2–1st Place: Leroy Kenny, Jr.
  • Heat 2–2nd Place: Mike Dale
  • Heat 3–1st Place: Ray VanAlstine
  • Heat 3–2nd Place: Braden Harry
  • Heat 4–1st Place: Russell Chambers
  • Heat 4–2nd Place: Bruce Sherer
  • Heat 5–1st Place: Mike Dale
  • Heat 5-2nd Place: Daniel Kneebone
  • Consolation 1st Place: Dallas Narhi
  • Final Feature 1st Place: Ray VanAlstine
  • Final Feature 2nd Place: Joe Kaster
  • Final Feature 3rd Place: Dallas Narhi
  • Final Feature 4th Place: Leroy Kenny, Jr.
  • Final Feature 5th Place: Dan Kneebone
  • Final Feature 6th Place: Mike Dale
  • Final Feature 7th Place: Jack Hicks
  • Best Decorated: Leroy Kenny, Jr.
  • Best Hit: Leroy Kenny, Jr.
  • Mechanic Race–1st Place Winner: Daniel Kneebone


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