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“Across The Bridge” Continues Story Of Copper Island

The story of Copper Island continues in the third and latest novel by local author Kristin Neva.

“Across The Bridge” is now available and is the follow-up to Neva’s Snow Country and Copper Country.

In Neva’s new novel, Across the Bridge, Copper Island’s beloved characters are back. Widower Drew Smith and his son, AJ, move to Quincy and rent the lower flat from Marcella Seppa. She offers support and friendship when Drew’s world turns upside down, but the pain of losing her mother at a young age keeps her from getting too close. Love weaves its way through the messiness of life in this meaningful story.

“The main characters in this story are Drew Smith and Marcella. Now Drew, we met briefly in the first book because he was attending the funeral of his wife who had died and now is moving to Copper Island. He’s a widower. He wants to move to the island to have the help of his in-laws as he raises his 10-year-old son,” said Neva.

Neva worked feverishly to finish this book in about half the time of her previous novel.  Neva said, “With the first book, I had to learn a lot about the mechanics of writing, and so there was a lot of the mechanical aspects of writing that I just didn’t understand initially even though I have been a reader my entire life so I learned some of that and so then book two came together a little more quickly and then book three, I kind of knew the mechanical stuff so I just had to wait for the story.”

“Across The Bridge” is available online and at local bookstores.

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