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Attorney General Nessel Files Motions Against Enbridge

Attorney General Dana Nessel has filed motions for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction in response to last week’s disclosure from Canadian Oil Company Enbridge, that an anchor support on the east leg of the LINE 5 oil pipeline sustained significant damage.

Line 5, built in 1953, lies on the floor of the Straits of Mackinac, and pumps 23 million gallons of oil daily.

Last Thursday, Enbridge reported damage, and shut down both legs of the pipeline for inspection.

Two days later, Enbridge reactivated the west leg of the pipeline, without notifying the state, after Governor Whitmer requested all the information they had regarding the damage.

Whitmer has since sent a letter, asking the entire pipeline be shut down, until an investigation is conducted, an assessment is made and safety measures put in place.

So far, Enbridge has sent a brief report and a few pictures, which have raised more questions, then they have answered.

Nessel said “We cannot rely on Enbridge to act in the best interests of the people of this state so I am compelled to ask the court to order them to.” 

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