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Attorney General Warns Of Face Mask Exempt Scam

Attorney General Dana Nessel along with the Better Business Bureau, are warning Michiganders about a scam regarding fraudulent cards, which claim to exempt the holder of wearing a mask or other facial covering, where they are required by law.

One of the main culprits is an agency called Freedom to Breathe, which made face Mask Exempt Cards available to residents to circumvent health and safety protocols.

These cards are not legitimate, and none of these groups is endorsed by any government agency.

While the Freedom to Breathe website and social media pages are no longer up, they were offering a downloadable version of the exempt card, which featured the Department of Justice logo.

The cards also carried an implied threat that any business which denied access to an individual not wearing a mask, would be in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Nessel said business owners should understand these face mask exempt cards are fake, and people should continue to wear face coverings, unless an individual is unable to medically tolerate one. 

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