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Auto Insurance Reform Tops Priority List For New 110th District State Representative

Newly elected State Representative Greg Markkanen is eager to get to work on the issues he says were most important to the people who sent him to Lansing.

The Hancock Republican was sworn in last week to the 110th District and then spent the day with his wife and children in the state capitol.  But when the legislature reconvenes, Markkanen says they have a lot of work to do.

“When we were campaigning, it was auto insurance, auto insurance, auto insurance,” he said.  “People want some relief. We have people in the 110th (District) that can’t afford services in Michigan that they have to go to Wisconsin to pay for.”

Other issues include education, moving the economy forward, and keeping unemployment low, but first thing’s first–getting the insurance reform passed.

Markkanen said, “There’s been a special committee formed to deal with that auto insurance reform so that’s an important step forward. We want to take a bi-partisan approach with it because it affects all Michiganders.”

Markkanen has been appointed to the Education Committee, Energy Committee, Military Veterans and Homeland Security Committee, and he is the Majority Vice Chair of the Insurance Committee.

“My experience and work ethic will allow me to serve the people of the Upper Peninsula well on these committees,” said Markkanen, a veteran who taught high school social studies until his election in November. “I’m ready to get to work finding solutions to the issues most important to families, seniors and workers in the 110th District, the U.P. and the State of Michigan.”

The State House is in recession until Tuesday, January 22nd.

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