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Bergman Makes His Case For Congress

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Republican congressional candidate Jack Bergman is making his final appeal to voters before tomorrow’s election.

He was in Marquette to close out six months on the campaign trail.

Bergman, Jack“This is the culmination of six months of campaigning; six months of driving around 24,000 square miles of the first district,” said Bergman, “Now people who come here tonight, they’re ready to make their voting decision and they’re here because they probably want to see Jack Bergman in person as opposed to on a campaign ad or TV commercial or whatever. As one gentlemen told me, he said, ‘I thought you’d be taller.’”

Bergman met with residents of the Upper Peninsula and spoke to why he is running to represent Michigan’s 1st District in Congress.

“I look at the world we live in, our grand kids, and think, ‘we can do better.’ Our parents and grand parents came through World War I, World War II, the Great Depression, and left us something good. What are we going to leave our grand kids? That’s why I stepped up.”

Fiscal responsibility, leadership, constitutionalism, and improvements to education–Bergman says these ideas make up the structure behind his plan to “get this country back on track.”

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