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Bottle And Can Return In The Keweenaw Update

Since early June, certain retailers have been allowed to accept bottles and cans for their $.10 deposit, which consumers were still charged.

There was an 11-week suspension returning bottles and cans  during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s estimated during this time, close to $80 million worth of bottles and cans built up, which is causing trouble in certain areas throughout the state.

How are bottle returns in the Keweenaw going?

Ben Campioni, from Pat’s Foods.

Campioni went on to say people returning bottles and cans, have been respectful and are following CDC guidelines.

So far, only establishments with bottle and can return machines are allowed to take returns back.

As a safety measure, businesses which have to hand count returns cannot yet accept them, although they still charge the $.10 deposit. 

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