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Calumet Village Planning Commission Set to Vote on Marijuana Zoning Changes

Calumet continues to push forward toward the potential opening of the village for recreational marijuana business.

At Tuesday night’s village council meeting, it was decided to set a special meeting for the planning commission to approve the zoning ordinance that will clear the way for locating potential businesses in designated areas, including downtown.

The meeting has tentatively been scheduled for Thursday.

The planning commission still needs to resolve whether it will enforce a 1,000 foot barrier between marijuana businesses and school facilities, or try to reduce the limit to 500 feet to open up more buildings for development.

Village manager Caleb Katz said the federal government enforces a 1,000 foot drug free zone around schools.

Michigan’s marijuana law also sets the distance at 1,000 feet, but allows local governments to adjust it. Katz says he believes no municipality in Michigan has yet done so.

If the zoning ordinance is passed by the planning commission, the village council may hold a special meeting next week to approve it.

The zoning change must take effect before the village can vote on the separate ordinance that will govern the marijuana businesses themselves.

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