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Candidate List For August Primary Elections Is Out

It looks like Republicans will choose the next Houghton County Sheriff in August’s primary election.

Houghton County Sheriff Brian McLean faces a primary challenge from Steve Laux, as both are running as republicans on the ballot.

The list of candidates for the August primary elections is out, and it looks like the Copper Country has very few decisions to make.

The big race for democrats is in Michigan’s 110th State House District, as three democrats, two of which are local are squaring off to see who challenges Representative Greg Markkanen in November.

The Democrat candidates are Lawrence Dale from Ironwood, Janet Metsa from Houghton and Casey VerBerkmoes from Lake Linden. 

There are no contested primary challenges for Houghton County’s Board of Commissioners.

In November the 1st District race pits republican incumbent Tom Tikkanen against democrat challenger Amber Broderson.

The 2nd District has Republican incumbent Albert Koskela taking on democrat challenger Mark Pavolich.

The 3rd District has democrat incumbent Glenn Anderson running against republican challenger Dan Holcomb.

Gretchen Jannsen and Roy Britz are so far running unopposed in districts 4 and 5 respectively. 

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