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Charging Stations Arriving in Houghton Soon – City Council Wrap

Additional electric vehicle charging stations will soon be available in the City of Houghton.

Two new units are scheduled to arrive within the next few days. One will be installed on each edge of downtown – on the upper levels of the parking decks across from the City Center, and the Ambassador. City crews and UPPCO will be responsible for preparing the space, and a contractor will be hired to complete the job. There’s no word as to when they’ll be ready for use.

Parking will soon be restricted near the Portage Lake District Library. Contractors installing the Mattila Square pier will need additional space for equipment and supplies. Restrictions will be put in place beginning May 9th. Those who usually park in that area are encouraged to park near Dee Stadium, or under the big parking deck. At last night’s council meeting, City manager Eric Waara reported that delays caused by AT&T’s inability to locate its underwater cable near the project will increase the cost of the pier installation. The cable has been found, but its location is forcing some design changes. How much extra the mess will cost has not yet been determined.

Also on the waterfront, there’s a problem with the sidewalk near Dee Stadium. Going toward the national park headquarters, the sidewalk’s underlying structure is made of wood. That’s failing, and the sidewalk has been blocked off. Waara has asked UP Engineers to come up with a plan to rebuild it.

The Houghton city council, Downtown Development Authority and planning commission have scheduled a joint meeting June 1st. They’ll talk about the parking deck, and see a presentation from David Rowe of the MTEC SmartZone. The council rescheduled its regular June meetings to the 15th and 29th.

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