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CLK School Board Recognized For Their Effort

The pieces are in place for the CLK School Board for 2017.

School board president Phyllis Locatelli, Vice President Michael Luoma, Secretary Melanie Parker, Treasurer Larry Kistapovich and Trustees Jim Vertin, Jason Wickstrom and Daniel Zubiena were recognized by community and business leaders as well as students, parents, teachers and other district staff at their January meeting.

The recognition was for setting goals for learning, developing policy, for guiding students and staff, overseeing educational programs, approving budgets for school district needs, and for making decisions that affect the quality of education in the CLK community.

In other business, the board heard a presentation from Michigan Tech’s Bill Rose of the Geological Department, along with Lloyd Wescoat of the Western U.P. Center for Science and Math, on the large boulder of conglomerate that was recently placed in the public/school library.

The board also commended the students who took part in the Senior Class Play, “A Christmas Carol”, along with director Dave Heinz.

The Board will meet again on February 14th at 5:30pm.

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