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Copper Country Students Return From Inauguration

The inauguration of President Donald Trump will be remembered for a long time.

Students from Dollar Bay, Chassell, Hancock and Ontonagon witnessed history in person when they attended the ceremony in Washington D.C. on Friday.

Some 40 students and 14 adults made the trip.

Dollar Bay High School11th Grader Korey Ericson said, “I thought it was a great opportunity to see the President and all these monuments and seeing history live in front of me.”

Dollar Bay High School 10th Grader Arizona Gilles said, “There was a lot of people and some were happy and some were mad. We got to see Trump and all the people on a big screen and we couldn’t really see him, but we could see them waving.”

Emotions ran high during the event and the students saw a wide range of them.

Dollar Bay High School9th Grader Louise Carlson said, “Lots of people were going for America and other people were booing and some people were crying, so it was kind of sad.”

Dollar Bay High School 12th Grader Kendra Lahikainen said, “Some people, whenever they seen Trump, you could just hear the crowd—there just was like a big roaring through the crowd, but when they showed others, you could just hear the anger and hatred towards them.”

The students also spent time visiting the capitol’s monuments and learning about our nation’s history—lessons that teachers will build on.

Dollar Bay High School Teacher Cathy Hill said, “In Government, I’ll be using, when we talk about the transfer of power, when we saw the presidents there and they oath that they took to uphold our constitution.”

The students also saw the Women’s March on Washington Saturday.

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