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Déjà vu: Flood Waters Strike Again

Another round of rain and another round of flooding.

A reported three to four inches of rain fell in parts of Houghton County last night, overwhelming the local drainage system that had barely begun to recover from the damage caused in last month’s storm.

M-26 had to be closed in Hubbell as water rushed over the road in several areas from Dollar Bay to Lake Linden.

Crews are assessing damage, both new and that to the recovery work that had been underway.

The hardest hit area appears to be around 8th Street in Hubbell, in the same spot that flash floods wiped out the road less than a month ago.

Other areas that had less significant damage included M-26 just north of Dollar Bay, near Bunker Hill, and through Tamarack City.

Roads in and and out of Tamarack City had to be closed until the water finally cleared over Oneco Road, which then provided access.

A Flood Advisory was issued early Thursday morning and expired at 8:15am.  Though skies relatively cleared by noon, there is still more rain in the forecast for later this afternoon and evening.


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