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Dianda Requests MDOC Performance Audit From State Auditor General

State Rep. Scott Dianda (D-Calumet) speaks on the House floor during debate on legislation.

State Representative Scott Dianda is continuing to argue against the closing of the Ojibway Correctional Facility in Gogebic County.

Dianda sent a letter to Governor Rick Snyder then followed that up with a letter to state Auditor General Doug Ringler.

He is requesting a performance audit on whether the Michigan Department of Corrections followed language in the state budget to properly consider the economic impact on the community before closing the facility.

The state has announced that the prison will close on December 1st.

In addition, Rep. Dianda issued the following statement:

“My constituents are demanding answers and they deserve to know how MDOC came to the decision to close Ojibway. Language in the state budget requires the department to seriously consider the economic impact on the surrounding community of closing a correctional facility. The closure of Ojibway Correctional Facility could result in Gogebic County losing more than $700,000 in state school aid, the local hospital stands to lose more than $1 million in broken contracts, and corrections workers would have to drive more than 200 miles a day just to get to and from work at the closest remaining correctional facility. It looks to me, and many others, like MDOC did not take into account the consequences to the community. Local elected officials, business owners, and families and I believe that the costs of closing this facility far outweigh the benefits. I am asking the auditor general to conduct an audit because I believe MDOC failed to comply with the requirements in the budget and did not consider other communities that may be more able to absorb the impact of closing a correctional facility.”

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