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DNR Holding Local Meetings To Hear Public Comments

Several hunting regulation changes have been recommended by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, including a deer baiting and feeding ban in a Core Chronic Wasting Disease Surveillance Area, which includes portions of Menominee, Dickinson and Delta counties.

This zone surrounds the farm where a deer tested positive for the deadly disease in October 2018.

A public listening session will be held tomorrow from 1-3pm at Michigan Tech’s Memorial Union Building.

Comments will be recorded and provided to the Natural Resources Commission. NRC Chairwoman Vicki Pontz is scheduled to attend.

A meeting of the DNR Western Upper Peninsula Citizens’ Advisory Council will also take place tomorrow at 5:30pm at the MUB.

A brief update from the May 9 NRC meeting will be presented, along with other topics.

The public is welcome to attend and provide comments on all topics during this meeting.

Public comment on all topics occurs during this regularly scheduled meeting.

Upper Peninsula deer regulations, in response to chronic wasting disease, including baiting and feeding regulations, are expected to be discussed by the Michigan Natural Resources Commission at its meetings over the next few months.

As part of a wider package of proposed regulation changes for this year, the DNR has also suggested a moderate increase in antlerless deer hunting licenses.

For more information on the DNR’s recommended regulations, visit Michigan.gov/NRC. Click on the agenda for the May 9, 2019 NRC meeting. Then click on the body of the agenda where the regulations are listed. Documents will pop up to view, print or download.

For more information on chronic wasting disease, visit Michigan.gov/CWD.

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