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Don’t Be Chicken–Help Support SKY

When is chicken poop a good thing? When it lands on your number and you win while helping to support Simple Kindness For Youth.

Chicken Bingo returns to Bridgefest this Saturday at Ray Kestner Waterfront Park.

SKY’s Bubba Megowen explains the simple rules of the game.  “This is where you have a board with lots of numbers and when a chicken does its thing, that’s the number and that’s how you win money,” said Megowen.

Tickets are just a buck a piece and the money helps local youth.  Megowen said, “This money goes to Simple Kindness for Youth, which is otherwise known as SKY, which is a local organization, grassroots, right here in Houghton and Hancock and it takes care of kids from L’Anse to Ontonagon to Copper Harbor.”

Chicken Bingo will be played from 5:00-7:00 on Saturday as part of Bridgefest.

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