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False Report Of Gunman At Calumet School

UPDATE: Two parents reportedly contacted police Tuesday of a threat made to their child by a stranger.  The individual is said to have pulled up to the family as they were leaving the school and rolled down his window and asked if they “can see the smoke stack because that is where the children are sacrificed and burnt.”  When he pulled away, he reportedly then pointed at the child and said “you better watch your piece of meat!”  The parents dialed 911 and the stranger pulled around and drove past them again, pointing his fingers like a gun at the family.  The individual was described at having long, wavy blonde hair, 25-35 years old, wearing eye glasses and driving a tan/champagn colored Chevy 4×4.

Reports of a possible gunman at Washington Middle School in Calumet turn out to be false.

This morning around 8:30, Troopers from the Michigan State Police Calumet Post went to the school after receiving a report of “a person with a gun in the school and police surrounding the school”.

The report was found to be untrue and initiated by middle school students who were overheard talking about a possible lock down drill and misunderstanding the information.

The students called their parents and said there was a person in the school with a gun and, in turn, the parents called 911.

Police say at no time was anyone in danger and there was no threat to the school.

Law enforcement worked effectively with school officials and determined the information to be just rumors.

No charges are being pursued as the report was mistakenly made but Law Enforcement asks people to be cautious with information they receive and then call 911.

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