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Flood Insurance May Soon Be Available To Houghton Residents

Residents of Houghton may soon be able to get flood insurance to protect their homes in the future.

Because the Keweenaw had not been historically prone to floods, most of the area was not designated as a flood plain and therefore flood insurance was not available to homeowners even if they requested it.  June 17th of last summer changed that perception.

The Houghton City Council has proposed an ordinance as part of a process to designate the city as a flood hazard area.  City Manager Eric Waara says this will make flood insurance available to residents who want it.  “What this does now is it provides that avenue that the insurance companies can provide it because there is a designation out there now that it’s supported through FEMA and the DEQ,” he said.

A public hearing on the ordinance will be held January 9th at 5:30pm in the City Council Chambers.  Waara said, “We basically got to get the ordinances passed and then, of course, get into the system which may take a little while, but I would think hopefully by spring, people will be able to buy flood insurance, if not sooner.”

Waara said other municipalities, including Hancock, are also working to make flood insurance available.

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