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Fundraiser For U.P. Wildlife Rehabilitation—Keweenaw Group

The U.P. Wildlife Rehabilitation—Keweenaw Group helps local wildlife return to their natural habitat.

Now, local residents can help, too, by supporting their Christmas merchandise sale fundraiser.

Licensed rehabilitator Lynn Hietala says the money raised goes toward rehabilitating animals in need of special care.

Hietala said, “We rehabilitate a wide variety of species. I do primarily white tailed deer fawn. We do raccoons, squirrels, and bunnies. We will pick up injured raptors and they are typically transferred to the Chocolay Raptor Center in Harvey.”

Available merchandise includes hats, coozies, t-shirts and hoodies with the U.P. Wildlife Rehabilitation—Keweenaw Group logo designed by a local artist.

“The money goes all to buying formula and food and medical care and medication for these animals as we an entirely volunteer organization,” Hietala said.

Items can be ordered through their Facebook page or by calling them at 906-369-2027 or emailing until November 27th.

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