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Future Bright for Several Finlandia Programs

We’re beginning to get some clarity as to the future of at least some of the programs at Finlandia University.

On yesterday’s Copper Country Today program, university president Timothy Pinnow said very little time elapsed between the board’s decision to close the college, and the public announcement…

About two hours.

And, while many of the university’s offerings will end, some will live on. 

The school’s hockey programs could continue at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. Pinnow says Wartburg is nationally known for its athletic programs, and has been thinking about adding hockey…

If we can get enough of our hockey athletes who want to go there, they are willing to take our whole program, both men’s and women’s hockey, on.

Pinnow is confident that action by the Finlandia Foundation will assure the future of the Finnish elements of the university…

The Heritage Center, the archives, the “Finnish American Reporter,” the Folk School, and the art gallery. And Northwind Books.

The Finlandia Foundation is based in Pasadena, California, and is not related to the university.

And, the nursing school has a good chance of continuing as part of Michigan Tech…

Students, faculty, equipment, the whole deal.

Pinnow said Tech president Rick Koubeck reached out immediately…

He called me on my cell phone, and said “I’ve been thinking. There’s so many nurses in this community who came out if Finlandia. We need the nurses in this community. Is there a way that we could take over the program?” And I’m, like, “Let’s find one.”

Pinnow says he anticipates the university will have enough assets to pay off its obligations, but it will take some time to work out how that will happen.

Hear the entire interview here.

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