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Gas Prices Fall, but Houghton County Lags Behind

Gasoline prices continue to fall across the state, although costs on the Keweenaw Peninsula continue to range well above the state average.

AAA Michigan’s ongoing survey put the average price of a gallon unleaded regular at $3.24 yesterday. For the first time in a long time, that’s below the national average of $3.28. It’s 20 cents lower than a week ago, 85 cents lower than a month ago, and just a nickel higher than a year ago.

Prices are falling in our area, too, but Houghton County’s average of $3.72 is nearly 50 cents per gallon above the statewide average, and is the highest in the state. Keweenaw County dropped to $3.66 per gallon. In contrast, Ontonagon COunty is at $3.25, and Baraga County at $3.16.

Industry observers say low worldwide demand is mostly responsible for the falling prices.

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