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Guns Stolen From Michigan Lawmaker

A Michigan lawmaker has guns stolen from his home, and a group from the U.P. has comments about the incident. 

The Lansing home of Representative Beau Lafave of Michigan’s 108th District, was recently broken into, and two of his guns were stolen.

One of the guns, was one Lafave had on him, for Governor Whitmer’s State of the State Address last week.

Lafave doesn’t believe he was targeted,  based on crime statistics, Lafave chalked it up to “bad luck.”

A gun rights group from the U.P. is not letting Lafave off so easily.

Jason Chapman, co-chair of the 906 Dems, chastised Lafave, saying as an elected official, and gun owner, he should “Act like an adult and lead.”

The 906 Dems also stressed the importance of keeping guns properly secured in your home, especially if there are children involved. 

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