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Hancock DDA to Consider Charging Station Funding

The Hancock Downtown Development Authority could take another step toward setting up an electrical vehicle charging station in the city at its meeting tonight.

Board members will be asked to authorize spending as much as $26,061.50 to help pay for a Level 3 Rapid Charger. The investment would cover the DDA’s share of the charging station, along with installation, and a five-year maintenance contract, warranty and software lease. 

The switchover to electric vehicles could do more than just help the environment. On the Talking Michigan Transportation podcast, Jeff Cranson of the Michigan Department of Transportation cited a recent study by the American Lung Association that indicates the emission reductions could be good for the nation’s health…

The drop from tailpipes alone could prevent up to 110,000 premature deaths by 2050.

The study also predicted a decline in asthma and breathing disorders, especially among children in densely populated areas.

The Hancock DDA will also consider a $7,450 façade grant for 422 Quincy Street, the building directly across from Quincy Green. Tonight’s meeting begins at 6:00 at City Hall.

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