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Hancock High School rewrites exam plan

On Monday afternoon, Hancock Central High School principal Chris Salani sent a message to district families announcing that midterm exams were optional for this semester. To entice students to participate, the district has modified its policy so that grades cannot be harmed from sitting for the tests. On the flip side, if pupils perform significantly better on an exam than they have throughout the semester, they will benefit from the results. Salani wrote that students currently failing a course are guaranteed to pass that class if they surpass that threshold on the midterm. All tests will be given in person starting Wednesday, January 20th. 

Houghton High School Principal Cole Klein says his district has adopted a modified version of Hancock’s plan. Students can opt out of exams unless instructors insist on holding them. Klein says several teachers use exam results to identify topics that students struggled with.

Some of our teachers may be looking to assess the students to find gaps in standards and see what they might need to reteach in semester two.

Similar to Hancock, test results can only help students this semester.

Other school districts have elected for a more traditional midterm strategy. Lake Linden-Hubbell Schools moved to remote only learning this Monday, but Superintendent Brad Codere says that barring new positives, quarantine will be over for the affected students by the weekend.

Many of them, ability to return, you know, their quarantines were either going through this coming Friday or Saturday and they’re able to return Monday, so we are hoping to have everyone back.

High school exams are slated for next Wednesday through Friday. Codere says that there are around 20 students who opted for remote learning only this year. It has not been determined yet whether they will be required to take exams in person. 

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