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Hancock Police Support Haeussler

Members of the Hancock Police Department have spoken out in support of city council member John Haeussler, following a discussion about the city budget at the council’s June 17th meeting.

Remarks made by Haeussler that were reported to members of the police force led them to believe Haeussler supported reducing the police force budget significantly.

Hancock City Council Member John Haeussler

In a statement issued yesterday, Sergeant Darick Coponen, Lieutenant David Outinen and city manager Mary Babcock said discussions that were recently held with members of the council have convinced the officers that the remarks were relayed out of context.

Officers say they are satisfied that Haeussler continues to support their department.

At the budget public hearing before that June 17th meeting, several people spoke on behalf of the Black Lives Matter movement, encouraging the city to reduce the police department budget, and invest that money in social services.

It was Haeussler who noted that the social services mentioned are not actually provided by the city, and are controlled by other levels of government.

When the budget came up for a vote, it was mayor pro-tem Will Lytle who first suggested that police funds be cut. After lengthy discussion, the budget was approved as written, with Lytle’s being the only vote against it.

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