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Hancock Public Library Growing Under New Management

The Hancock Public Library is showing significant improvements under the management of their partners across the canal.

Portage Lake District Library Director Dillon Geshel gave an update to the Hancock City Council at their regular meeting Wednesday.

The PLDL has been overseeing the public library within the Hancock Public Schools for the past six months, part of a three year contract with the city.

Some of the improvements made include increasing the hours the library is staffed so that it can be open at least five days a week, forgiving all previous overdue fines and not levying overdue fines on materials returned late so patrons are not deterred from visiting the library, and added the first computer catalog station to replace the old card catalog system.

Other efforts have included updating the materials and programs available to patrons and providing additional services to the public.

Geshel said the library has added over 1,200 books since they have entered the space compared to only 12 that were added in the six months prior.

Between the public and students, about 2,900 patrons visit the library per month.

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