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Hancock Public Schools Foundation Announces Scholarship Winners

HANCOCK—The Hancock Public Schools Foundation recently awarded nearly $30,000 in scholarships.

“We were very impressed with the quality of applicants this year,” said Foundation Scholarship Committee Chair Gregg Fisher. “The students’ academic excellence and extracurricular activities are evidence of their superb scholastic experience in the Hancock School District.”

All of the following students received Foundation Scholarships in addition to the named funds from the Scholarship Committee:

  • Karena Holmstrom (Valedictorian), Rotary Scholarship;
  • Janie Berg (Salutatorian) Orella Scholarship;
  • Delany Heinonen, Alumni Scholarship;
  • Elizabeth Bradway; Madelyn Johnson, Alumni Scholarship;
  • Rachel Rautio, Rotary Scholarship;
  • Ian Erickson, Kojala Scholarship;
  • Laison Ruonavaara, Orella Scholarship;
  • Abigail Brooks; Emma Almquist; Nevin Klein, Alumni Scholarship;
  • Onastatia Vasquez, Rotary Scholarship;
  • Olivia Erickson; Isak Tchida, Alumni Scholarship;
  • and Alex Nordstrom, Orella Scholarship.

Established in 1988, the Foundation generates funds for the Hancock Public Schools and supports educational projects, programs, and services for the Barkell Elementary, Hancock Middle, and Hancock High Schools.

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