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Hancock School District Update

Parents in the Hancock and Houghton’s Portage Township School Districts, have a new form to fill out, to remain in the meal program.

This, from an email sent to parents late Friday.

The districts are receiving funding from a new source, and in order to continue, parents will have to fill out a survey, available here.

The districts will also take families from other area schools, who do not have a Summer meal program.

Another rule is that families must take what is given, whether they use it or not.

They’re urged to give food they don’t use to a neighbor or better yet, the Salvation Army in Hancock.

The Hancock School District Library opens to the public today.

Per government guidelines, you’ll be required to wear a mask or facial covering, and maintain social distancing guidelines.

For the time being, only 15 patrons will be allowed in at a time.

Hours are 10a-7p Monday and Tuesday.

10a-4p Wednesday through Friday and 10a-2p Saturday.

Closed on Sunday.

The state’s Return to Learning Advisory Council is working on a plan for what reopening K-12 schools for face to face instruction will look like.

They have until the 30th to submit their recommendations.

The Board’s Finance Committee will meet tonight at 5:30 in the cafeteria, to discuss this year’s budget.

The budget will no doubt have to be amended, after the state finalizes their budget, sometime in October. 

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