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Heikki Lunta Go Away! Snow Keeping Local DPW’s Busy

The main topic of discussion at Wednesday’s Houghton City Council meeting was the same that everyone is talking about—the snow.

City Manager Eric Waara said crews are working day and night, often only being given a few hours to sleep before going back out again.

Snow removal crews will be working all through the weekend trying to take away as much snow as they can.

They have been cutting back banks on some of the major streets and will begin to work on other areas.

Waara said residents should not be letting their water run at this time.

In his report to the council, Houghton Police Chief John Donnelly said they topped 3,200 calls for service in 2016, which he says was in line with the average over the last few years.

But he says they are off to a fast start in 2017.  Of the roughly 150 calls so far, more than 30 of them have been for car accidents.

Donnelly says his department is also receiving numerous calls about people running out of places to put snow.

He asked that residents be respectful and work together with your neighbors as everyone is struggling at this time.

Demolition has begun at 509 Shelden Avenue, the building ravished by fire last summer in downtown Houghton.

It was determined to be too costly to repair, so tear down began Monday.

The operation is starting in the rear of the building, so the work may not be obvious to the public at the beginning.

In other business, the city is making preparations for the upcoming Winter Carnival and Yooper Luge, which take place next month.

Improvements to next year’s Downtown Farmer’s Market can be expected with the help of Finlandia University in the areas of Health and Science, as well as Marketing.

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