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Heroin Dealers Being Driven From The Copper Country

Both city councils of Houghton and Hancock met for a joint council meeting Tuesday at Lakeview Manor in Hancock.

MTECH Smartzone CEO Marilyn Clark gave an update on the efforts of their organization.

One of those updates included the creation of a maker space to help bring new ideas closer to a viable business.

In addition to bringing back small companies started by entrepreneurs who had moved out of the area, the Smartzone is also working to build connections with five major corporations, including Quicken Loans and Bosch.

Houghton Police Chief John Donnelly also gave an update on the progress of UPSET West.

Donnelly said the Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team has had a significant impact on reducing the availability of heroin in the area.

The efforts of the team has led to 53 felony arrests and has seized over $230,000 worth of illegal drugs, almost half of that was heroin.

Crystal Meth use is increasing to fill the void but Donnelly said they are cracking down on those suppliers as well.

Donnelly stressed that the goal is to get help to those who are addicted and to prosecute the ones who are supplying these drugs.

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