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Houghton Begins To Priortize Budget Projects For The Upcoming Year

The City of Houghton is beginning the process to develop their budget for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

Prior to their regular meeting Wednesday, the city council held a pre-budget work session to talk about priorities for the construction season.

Projects in West and East Houghton Parks were discussed, with the council encouraging City Manager Eric Waara to get as much done this year as possible.

Waara was given the go-ahead to look at contracting out much of the work and possibly adding up to two new employees to the city’s Department of Public Works.

Budget work sessions were scheduled for April 5th, 19th and May 3rd.

Houghton’s current budget carries them through the end of June.
There will be a public hearing on February 22nd on a proposed ordinance to officially designate Houghton County as the agency who does building inspections in the city of Houghton.

The practice of using the county’s building inspector arose out of necessity, Waara explained, and the proposal simply updates the ordinance.

Waara said Houghton is the only local municipality who theoretically does its own building inspection.
The Pigs N Heat fundraiser was a huge success—that according to Lt. Nick Roberts of the Houghton Police Department who gave the report to the city council.

In addition to having a packed crowd to enjoy a fun-filled evening, they also collected over $17,000–with more than $12,000 going into the account to help victims of fire and crime in the local area.

Lt. Roberts says that is a record amount for the fundraiser.
The Houghton Volunteer Fire Department has a new member.

Michigan Tech graduate student Jesse Olson was added to the department at Wednesday’s city council meeting.

Olson is also a certified EMT at Michigan Tech.

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