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Houghton City Deals with Potholes, Ponders Pier Change Costs

Houghton city crews are attacking potholes.

At last night’s meeting, city manager Eric Waara told city council members that the weather has warmed enough that the divets can be filled with hot patch, which lasts longer than the cold patch that needs to be used in colder temperatures.

City officials still don’t know how much recent design changes to the new waterfront pier will cost. Adjustments had to be made when an AT&T cable that crosses the Portage turned out to be in a different location than expected. Changes will need to be approved by the Army Corps of Engineers and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. Waara said some contingency funds were built into the budget to address such issues. 

The city police department is getting a $140,000 grant from the State of Michigan to help with training and recruiting officers to the Houghton police force. Lt. Nick Roberts worked with Dial Help to ascertain the funds.

The police department is working with the U.S. Coast Guard to finalize a safety plan, as the first Lake Superior cruise ship is expected to arrive in the Portage Canal next week.

The council set a public hearing on June 29th to get input on proposed amendments for the Downtown Development Authority’s plan. The changes would address the DDA’s role in redeveloping the site of the big parking deck, revitalizing public restrooms in parks, and generally aiding Houghton’s economic development.

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