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Houghton County Asked To Address Recycling Problems At Transfer Station

The electronics recycling event is being called a success.

Evan MacDonald from the Copper Country Recycling Initiative reviewed the two day collection with the Houghton County Board of Commissioners at their regular meeting Tuesday.

Local residents were encouraged to bring their old electronics and small appliances to the Goodwill Training Center near the Houghton County Memorial Airport on May 4th and 5th.

The event was organized by a partnership between the Copper Country Recycling Initiative, Goodwill and Comprenew, a nationally certified electronics recycler.

MacDonald said there were about 750 vehicles that visited the center during the event, though many were likely vehicles bringing more than one load.

The final numbers have yet to be calculated, but MacDonald said there were several tons recycled.

He also brought up some concerns about the cardboard recycling center at the transfer station.

MacDonald asked the board to help with improvements at the station in regards to the logistics of dropping off items, the layout of the facility and availability of assistance.

He asked that a meeting be set up to review the processes at the facility and said they have volunteers willing to help discuss the issues.

The cardboard recycling center is currently down due to an electrical issue that is being addressed by the county.

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