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Houghton County Vets Board Proposes Banner Tributes

Should Copper Country communities adopt a more public method of saluting our veterans?

Gene LaRochelle from the Houghton County Veterans Affairs Board presented an idea to County Commissioners at yesterday’s meeting.

He picked it up from the Cincinnati suburb of Owensville, Ohio, where officials began placing banners with photos and information about veterans and active service men and women on utility poles around the community.

The look is similar to the banners you see as you drive on US-41 through the Michigan Tech campus – one 30” by 60” vertical banner on each side of the pole.

Gene LaRochelle displays a proposed veterans salute banner at the Houghton County Board of Commissioners meeting November 13th.

Families of those honored would pay around $120 for the banners, and municipalities would take care of the installation.

LaRochelle asked an Owensville official how the program is doing… 

LaRochelle told commissioners that he’s begun speaking with local municipalities, and they’ve been receptive to the idea.

If logistics can be worked out, some installations could begin as early as next spring. 

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