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House Candidate Dianda Criticizes GOP Plan for Failing to Fix Roads

The following press released was issued by State Representative Scott Dianda’s office:

CALUMET — State Representative Scott Dianda, running for reelection in House District 110, expressed his deep concern over the lack of road funding available for state roads in 2017. Despite the funding increases that were promised by the Republicans’ road plan, which passed by a narrow margin last year, drivers in 2017 will be paying $460 million more than they did in 2016, and are expected to pay $600 million more in subsequent years. In return, there will be $4 million less available for funding state roads in 2017.

“We all suspected that this plan was all smoke and mirrors and would not raise the money we need, and that’s why I voted against it,” said Dianda. “Now that’s come true, and folks will pay more for gas and car registration but not get anywhere near their money’s worth in road repairs and improvements. A lot of families up here in the U.P. are already having trouble making ends meet, so a failed roads plan is just going to make life that much more difficult for them.”

The road funding plan, signed by Gov. Rick Snyder in 2015, is insufficient to fix Michigan’s roads. Despite experts estimating that at least $1.2 billion is necessary to be dedicated as transportation funding each year, less than half of that will be added in 2017. Meanwhile, beginning Jan.1, the cost to fill a 15-gallon tank will increase by about $1.10 and the annual vehicle registration cost of $100 will increase, on average, by $20.

“Drivers are really taking a hit, because not only will they not get good roads, but the full funding promised by this Republican plan won’t even happen until 2021,” said Dianda. “Up here in the western Upper Peninsula we have problems with some of our bridges and roads and that’s a real hardship. U.P. residents deserve better, and when I go back to Lansing, I’ll keep fighting to fund a real roads plan, make sure the Michigan Department of Transportation is using our money wisely and make sure we get our fair share of state funding to fix and maintain our local roads.”

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