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HS Welders Craft Law Enforcement Training Target

Local law enforcement officers have a new firearms training aid, thanks to some high school students.

Members of the welding class at the Copper Country Intermediate School District Career and Technical Education Center assembled the target.

It consists of a heavy vertical stand with a series of paddle targets that can swing from one side to the other when they’re hit.

Houghton County Sheriff Brian McLean says it’s used in competition… 

“You have two persons shooting at a time – one on either side – to try to get all the targets to go to one side. Whoever does that, wins.”

Officers from across the area will use it for training.

Welding student Gabe Wuebben isn’t certain how he’ll feel when the bullets start flying…

“I guess I don’t really know. Hopefully, they hit it, anyhow.”

The first model is a prototype, and will be adjusted based on how it works. Cameron Rosenlund is ready to help make some more…

“Yeah, hopefully – if they work good enough.”

The first one seems to work pretty well.

Range instructor Charlie Klein demonstrates the new competition shooting target.

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