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Impacted Soil Removed From Fuel Spill Site

Much of the fuel-impacted soil has been successfully removed from both sides of US-41 at the Sturgeon River Bridge, site of a 4-vehicle traffic accident involving a fuel tanker on February 3. Many truckloads of removed soil were transported to a landfill over the last week. As excavation continued on Sunday, those materials were temporarily stockpiled off site and will be trucked to the landfill during the week.

Since the work began, more than 2,100 tons of material have been excavated and taken to the landfill. Another 1,200 tons are projected to be disposed of before the site is backfilled. In addition, 15,000 gallons of mixed fuel and water have been recovered for proper disposal.

Restoration of the bridge embankment is being conducted in accordance with Michigan Department of Transportation requirements. There were no visual observations of fuel or detections by field instruments during river assessment work and water sampling. Water samples are being analyzed to validate those observations.

Air quality monitoring and sampling continues under the direction of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for the immediate area, adjacent homes and in the community. This continues to be done to verify that there are no health and safety concerns for the community and workers.

Snowmobiling is not allowed in the immediate vicinity of the bridge due to the presence of open water and clean up equipment. Heavy truck traffic will continue over the next few days. Traffic control lights and traffic control personnel will be assisting in the movement of trucks and workers.

Drivers are reminded to be patient and to use extra caution if they need to drive along US-41 near the Sturgeon River. For situation updates, visit the health department web site at www.wupdhd.org

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